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We are Tallahassee Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Tallahassee, Fl. If you are experiencing problems with wild animals in or around your property, then getting a reliable firm to help is important, and our record of online reviews shows the care we take in our work. Your first point of contact is our friendly telephone advisers, who will listen to your situation, and can then give you some initial advice or a general estimate about the cost of dealing with the problem professionally. They will then schedule one of our highly-trained technicians to visit your home, where they can then assess the situation and provide a detailed written quote for your consideration. Our technicians use the most effective and efficient techniques for dealing with animal problems, and this means that they won’t spread poisons around your home, as they are inhumane and cause more problems than they solve. Along with catching and removing the animals that are causing the problems, we will also carry out the follow-up work to avoid future problems. This involves the cleaning and sanitation of where the animals were active, and also the repairs that will prevent animals from being able to get back into the property again. Call us now at 850-391-2729 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Humane wildlife trapping and exclusion.

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Experts in Florida bat removal from buildings.

Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

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Tallahassee bird control services.

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Our Service Range

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Tallahassee Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Why Repellents Will Not Work Against Rodent in the Attic

During a rodent infestation, most homeowners will turn to repellents. It is a convenient method since it will only require you to apply the product on the affected area. Unfortunately, study shows that it will not deliver an ultimate solution to your woes. Different repellents function in different manner and all of them have disadvantages when using them to ward off the infestation in your attic.

Different Types of Repellents and Why They Don’t Work
By understanding that repellents will not work against Tallahassee rodent infestation, we hope that you will be able to find a better solution for your problem. You should never waste your money on products that will not deliver the best result but instead invest it on proven-effective methods.

Homemade Repellents
If you are going to try the repellents, we advise you to start with the homemade repellents. It is cheap and easy to concoct. It consists natural ingredients, which does not pose any risk to your health and safety. It also has the lowest level of impact to our environment. Lavender oil, pepper, mint, and garlic are some of the usual ingredients of the homemade repellents. They have powerful scent that allegedly can cause discomfort to the Florida rodents. However, you need to remember that some rodents can survive in the sewer. Once they become accustomed to the scent, they will choose to stay in your attic rather than to be exposed in the wild.

Commercial Repellents
There are different types of commercially available repellents. They come in various forms such as spray repellents, granules, etc. Spray repellents can have the urine of the predators or capsaicin as their base ingredient. Unfortunately, they will dissipate immediately once they are sprayed. Multiple reapplication will be necessary. The urine of the predator may be effective for a short-term result. After a few days, the Tallahassee rodents will return once they realized that there are no dangers in your attic.

Machine Deterrents
Light machines, ultrasonic machines, and machine that comes with motion sensors are sold in the market. Their manufacturers claim that they can get rid of any type of animals in your property. However, according to different studies there are flaws in the designs and functions of these machine deterrents. For instance, the high-pitches soundwave that the ultrasonic device emits does not have the capacity to travel on solid surfaces. This makes they ineffective to use on the standard American home. Deterrents that emit strong light may startle the creature, but the rodents can easily get used to this.

If you want a better option in dealing with the animal, Trap the animals that are already inside your attic. Once you are sure that all the rodents have been captured, you need to repair the holes that the rodents are using as an access point. This method can help you stay away from the use of expensive and ineffective repellents and avoid the damages that can be caused by a repeated infestation.