Will Raccoon Attack Pets

All pet owners are aware that for our pets to remain safe, they need to remain indoors especially if there is a presence of nuisance creatures in your community. The wild animals will carry certain risks such as infectious diseases. They may also attack our fragile pets. As some of the urban animals such as racoons invades our community, our pets will be exposed to the dangers that they may carry.

Why Are Raccoons Dangerous?
Racoons pose a lot of dangers to our pets. You may not be aware on some of the hazards that they carry. For instance, they can carry parasites that can transfer to your pets. The bite of the Tallahassee raccoon can also increase the probability of transmission of the disease such as rabies. They will be drawn by the scent of the pet food and they might attack your pet during the process. They can kill small dogs and cats easily. It will be impossible for the larger dogs to escape unscathed from their vicious attack.

The raccoons are slightly larger compared to your average house cat. They are also smart and will outwit the hunting prowess of our pets. Sadly, there is no technique that will guarantee that the racoon will stay away from your pets. If a racoon is spotted in your community, there is a chance that they will visit your property if they think that your place offers them resources.

Will They Attack Pets?
Just like our cats, the raccoons are nocturnal. Therefore, it is highly likely for the cats to come across the racoons. Since our pets have a territorial behavior, they will defend their territory if an unwanted guest invaded it. If the two animals meet, they will not act friendly with each other. With the raccoon’s speed, attack, and size, the battle with our pets will result in an injury or death.

Will They Eat Our Pets?
While there is a continuous debate about the predation habit of the raccoon, they can indeed eat the flesh of our pets. The kittens are particularly in danger of their attack. The larger type of pets will unlikely be eaten by the Tallahassee raccoon. Nonetheless, they can still suffer a wound from the bite of the raccoon. The wound can transmit diseases or result to a bacterial infection.

As a responsible pet owner, you need to ensure that your pets will remain safe from the threat of the raccoon. For instance, start cleaning your yard and remove the clutter and perishable items that may attract the interest of the animal. Keep your windows secured and seal all the entry points that the Florida raccoon can use. Avoid leaving the pet food outside. Keep your garbage bin covered with a tight lid. You may place a heavy object on top of the cover, or you might secure the trashcan with a bungee cord. You should also install an improved fencing system to keep the other wild animals outside your property. In case it failed to solve your problem, look for the help of the wildlife removal professional.

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